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Entrepreneurial Training

Through HOPE network relationships, in 2015 we began trying to address the high unemployment problem in our communities through a program called Unantoni Endlini – isiZulu for “What do you have in your home?” – a scriptural reference to 2 Kings 4:1-7 (where Elisha asks the widow what she has in her home, and her identified measure of oil becomes the key that God uses to multiply and provide her with a livelihood). This imagery conveys that everyone, even in the poorest of communities, potentially has some measure of passion, knowledge & skills, and local resources that they can identify, cultivate and utilize to create wealth and build a sustainable livelihood.

We began by working with our local community partners in Mdantsane (Mdantsane Community Church), Cambridge Location (Grace Community Baptist Church) and Mzamomhle (Lathitha Development Centre) to pilot a training for respective local residents in workplace readiness and small business skills, with the aim of helping them create their own work. We had a measure of initial success with this, reaching a total of 50 people – though ran into the common roadblock of longer-term sustainability for the program, both financially and programmatically. As a result we realized the need to be more entrepreneurial ourselves and initiated a local recycling enterprise in order to ultimately both serve as a platform for further skills development and generate revenue to help drive community-based programming.

We are currently launching an Entrepreneurial Training Centre targeting unemployed youth and existing small business owners. We use a “4D” approach – providing personalized support to help one discover their purpose, define their vision, develop their enterprise, and dignify their community. This emphasizes a holistic life approach that ties in Godly identity and resulting life vision with one’s practical outworking of it through business enterprise, and not only to generate a profit but ultimately to sow back into local community transformation. It also recognizes the common lack of individualized follow-up mentorship that is needed to make such programs ultimately successful and sustainable.

In order to do so we utilize a “lean approach” to business start-up that minimizes waste of resources and validates ideas through field-testing & refining. This group training & personalized mentorship course will be available both in communities through respective local partner organizations, as well as online via teleconferencing. As part of the package we will also develop shared services for new start-ups who need extra support such as book-keeping, marketing, registration & documentation, and ongoing professional coaching.

If you are potentially interested in either taking the course or otherwise getting involved in a supportive role, please sign up.

Unantoni Endlini Recycling

A registered recycling enterprise that serves as a platform for helping motivate, train & equip, and mentor/practically support unemployed youth to create their own work & livelihood.

HOPE Network Relationships

A network of community leaders in Buffalo City – for purposes of collaboration, skills development, innovative resource mobilization strategies, and mutual fellowship & encouragement.


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