What We Do

Unantoni Endlini Recycling

A registered recycling enterprise that serves as a platform for helping motivate, train & equip, and mentor/practically support unemployed youth to create their own work & livelihood.

Our Purpose

Practical platform for helping motivate, train & equip, mentor and practically support previously unemployed youth to create a livelihood through recycling
Generation of sustainable revenue to help drive the Entrepreneurial Training Centre and other community-based programs
Citywide public mobilization around recycling and environmental conservation
Specific recyclable materials are purchased from collectors at the regional landfill and in targeted township communities – enabling them to earn a livelihood through this. They are then sorted into material type, baled and stored at our central depot (located at 15 Sheffield Rd, Gately); and finally sold to larger recycling companies for further processing.

We also offer a citywide weekly residential recyclables collection service – including most plastics, cardboard, paper, glass, tins and tetra-pak. To find out more or sign up for this service, please contact us with your name, phone and address, and we will advise you of when we collect from your neighbourhood weekly, how to pay the monthly fee (R100), and what materials to include.

Additional arms of the business are in early stages of development, including services of grass cutting, gardening and rubble/junk removal – in order to diversify and enhance income streams in the midst of the current COVID-related challenging business climate.

If you interested in signing up for our collection service or otherwise getting involved in a supportive role, please sign up.

Entrepreneurial Training Centre

A training centre  that provides needed support to catalyze this process – both with unemployed youth to start up, and with those who already run small or informal businesses to grow.

HOPE Network Relationships

A network of community leaders in Buffalo City – for purposes of collaboration, skills development, innovative resource mobilization strategies, and mutual fellowship & encouragement.


ONE COLLECTIVE is a global non-profit that works in communities around the world and is passionate about making sure no one is invisible and everyone has access to food, freedom, and forgiveness.